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Give the doctors in your area the convenience of Compounding Box

Why Choose Compounding Box?

Our innovative portal solution simplifies the compounding process by providing doctors, veterinarians, dentists and other healthcare professional an easy way to create, submit, and forward prescriptions.


Pharmacists can share their templates (pads) with prescribers, in just a click!

Doctors, Veterinarians and Dentists can fill & submit them with only a few more.


Build your own library of pads & formulas, and share them with your preferred prescribers.

Your pads, prescriptions & patients are only visible to those you trust.


Hosted in world class data centers, with unparalleled security and peace of mind.

Built using trusted technologies from Microsoft.

We provide innovative solutions to compounding pharmacies, allowing them to connect & collaborate with doctors in their area.

Designed to optimize your pharmacy workflows and quickly onboard prescribers.

Build and Share Your Custom Pad Sheets Library

We simplify the compounding process by allowing pharmacists and doctors to use pre-populated formulas or add, change, edit or delete their own pad sheets at any time.

Invite and Create Your own Group of Associates

Pharmacists can securely manage their own list of prescribers with whom they share data.

Maximize Efficiency and Eliminate Errors.

Use our extensive formula database to your advantage, or design your own! Use pre-populated fields to avoid prescription errors and save time.


Commitment Free! Our usage agreement is month-to-month. No long-term contracts.

Seamless Communication

Enables you to electronically communicate with the doctor, ensuring the most accurate information is communicated to your patients.

Prescription Customization

Find the formula you're looking for easily, and choose the layout that suits you the best. Add your logo, change headings and more.

Improve Efficiency

Provides automatic population of new prescriptions for doctors and associates, ultimately saving time.


Providing capabilities of the E-Prescribing system. Increase front-end profits and back-office efficiencies.

Workflow Improvement

Save money by improving workflows and decreasing the chance of potentially costly mistakes.


Exchange health information and prescribe without using paper, eliminating a phone call to the doctor's office.

Our Mission

Protect, simplify and improve the pharmacy compounding process by giving you complete control.

Our Plan

To help compounding pharmacies improve and establish their own process that works well for both the pharmacy team and their associates.

Our Care

Our intelligent portal provides real-time pre and post edits on prescription formulas to meet the demands of the pharmacy's own workflow.

Our Vision

To enable partner programs that help compounding pharmacies improve profitability, maintain quality control, and grow their prescriber network.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do I need Compounding Box?

    Compounding Box is a great choice for pharmacies because it provides a low risk business tool that helps to save front-end time while increasing accuracy, exposure and back-office efficiencies.

  • We will validate all Pharmacies and Prescribers prior to enabling them to use our platform. Rest assured, everyone in the system is legitimate. To find out if a doctor is legitimate you can search for their name or license number (e.g. in Ontario) using the following resources. This will tell you if their license is active and if there are any restrictions on their prescribing. Most states & provinces have similar resources online.

    Ontario College of Physicians The College of Veterinarians of Ontario Ontario Dental Association

  • On our sign in page you can create an account with just one click, using Microsoft or Google logins you likely already have, or by clicking the 'Sign up' button.

    Once you create an account, you will be asked to provide some information about yourself, depending on whether you're a prescriber or a pharmacist. Prescribers are never charged for Compounding Box, so those are always free. If you're a pharmacist, you can enable a 14 day trial during signup to evaluate the platform.

    Once you create your Pharmacy account, you will be able to invite Doctors, Dentists and Veterinarians in your area using their email address. Those prescribers will receive an invitation link and upon accepting it, will be able to submit prescriptions using your templates / pads. Click here to visit our sign in page.

  • We recommend all of our users to create accounts using Microsoft or Google because this makes it super easy to use Compounding Box. If you are unable to login because your credentials are wrong, or because you forgot them, click the 'Can't log in?' button belog the login page.

  • If you are NOT using Microsoft or Google accounts, then your account may be locked out temprarily after repeated login attempts. If you encounter this situtation, please contact us.

  • We have partnered with Stripe for payment processing. This makes credit card payments, very secure and easy. At no point do we have access to your billing or credit card details, those are all handled by Stripe. We also offer manual invoicing and group discounts, if you contact us!

    Click here to learn more about Stripe!

Jena Karlis

Family Doctor

The Compounding Box's ability to automate the compounding workflow and easily manage our day-to-day communications with pharmacist in one safe, convenient place.

John Larson


We are a very busy compounding pharmacy and Compounding Box is the key to our success! In the past, we had two other software vendors which did not meet our needs. The support team at Compounding Box is always very efficient, helpful and knowledgeable. Compounding Box is up to date with the latest features and technology to help operate a pharmacy. Jake, the owner is involved in the details and makes sure that we get the best service possible

Sara Wilsson

Pharmacy Assistant

I was very impressed with how easily your Compounding Box solution integrated with our daily pharmacy routine. I used it as a pharmacy assistant, it helps create efficient workflow to save us time and money.

Saul Goodman

Ceo & Founder

This solution gives pharmacies and physicians a common method of connecting and communicating via a fast, secure and reliable network. This improves the overall efficiency of the compounding process and minimizes the errors.


Every pharmacy, compounding or not, can have an account. We limit the number of templates/pads by your subscription level.

Prescribers are not charged for using Compounding Box!


$49 / month
or $495/year

  • 5 Templates/Pads
  • 5 Prescribers
  • Priority Support
  • Teams / Zoom Support
  • Custom Branded


$199 / month
or $1,995/year

  • 50 Templates/Pads
  • 50 Prescribers
  • Priority Support
  • Teams / Zoom Support
  • Custom Branded

For franchise branding or pricing inquiries please contact us directly.

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